Outdoor Pillow Cover in 2 Patterns - Stripe D979-D1660

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Remake your back yard, deck, gazebo with unique pillow sets, take the pillows on your boat or camping trip. 

Select prints, colors and sizes for your set of outdoor toss pillows. We make the pillows two sided with bottom zipper closure. You can enjoy two different fabrics, color hues and prints on one pillow. Create your own set with pillow shapes and sizes and combine front and backs for unique design look. 

We use acrylic yarn outdoor fabrics, resistant to mildew, mold, fade, stains, bacteria and weather damage. These durable fabrics withstand thousands of rubs and are washable with water based cleaners. Pets, kids or clumsy guests will not spoil your decor.

Please, note that prints are shown on large pillows. Refer to the couch picture(s) for the prints' scale. Inserts are not included.