About Us

     Civitas Circle was launched after 25 years of contract manufacturing services for U.S. Department of Defense, Motorola, Samsonite, Abbott, Showline, Allen Edmonds, Red Wing, Stormy Kromer, Neiman Marcus, Steiner and many more. From producing military combat uniforms and hot weather boots to telephone and equipment leather cases, briefcases, travel bags, handbags, totes, pet carriers, casual apparel, work boots and more, Civitas' staff has earned knowledge and experience in design and manufacturing.

     Surviving devastating impacts of Great Recession and Covid pandemic, Civitas management is focusing on designing and manufacturing products to create marine, backyard and outdoor luxurious living. Whether for a boat, camper or backyard, Civitas can design and make cushions, seats and pillows in a wide range of styles, color hues, shapes, etc.

     Alongside custom marine and outdoor furniture design and upholstery, Civitas produces a collection of outdoor accessories. All products are handmade in Illinois, USA, from high quality materials, with meticulous craftsmanship and customers' satisfaction in mind. Customers choose materials and shapes from our library or websites in our conference area.


    We believe in uniqueness and quality; try our best to service customers; strive to create products to cherish and enjoy. We help to recreate customers' dream luxurious outdoor places with beautifully made, thoughtfully designed, eye-catching, unique and stunning products.

     We combine style, elegance, originality, fun, quality materials, functionality, attitude, boldness, balance and manufacturing know-how to arrive to a variety of shapes, feels and looks. In our fully equipped facility, we can produce a variety of products for a wide range of materials and notions. We also provide custom printing services on our leather, vinyl or fabric products.

     We apply manufacturing quality system we have developed per Department of Defense guidelines to all of our products. Contract manufacturing services, including private label, OEM and sample development are available. More details in FAQ section.

We have selected four charities, Dreams for Kids, Alliance to Save Energy, Reading is Fundamental and NORD for 5% donation of our sales.